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Dymatec offer a range of workstations and benches for all kinds manufacturing, from heavy industry to light assembly.

Specifically for the increasing demands of electronic and computer related operations our Workstations and Benches deliver a versatile system for all areas of activity. Work centres in a range of heights and widths combine with screens, trolleys, storage, and a wide range of accessories to provide a system that is adaptable, flexible and functional.
workshop bench Workshop Bench
Full range of welded workbenches with high quality mild steel frames available in two strengths.
Standard Workstation
Full range of standard duty workstations, with fully welded base frame and 20mm thick worktop with a choice of surfaces.
standard workstation
static control workstation Static Control Workstation
Available in standard and cantilever construction with a choice of worktops. With 4mm banana sockets and 10mm studs for grounding purposes.
Why Dymatec Workstations and Benches
We have been working with the development, design and the manufacturing of workstation equipment for almost 25 years. Today our products are found in thousands of working places not only in the UK but also in other parts of Europe and USA.

Our objective is to introduce products onto the market which meet the specific demand of our customers.


Dymatec have a policy of continuous development.
Specifications and size of products may change without notice.
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